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Sarah1Hi, my name is Sarah Curtiss.  I am currently an Assistant Professor of Special Education and the Creator of The Birds and The Bees I support individuals with developmental disabilities in learning about human sexuality and conduct research in this field.

This website is designed to provide information to parents, professionals, and self-advocates on how to teach human sexuality to individuals with developmental disabilities and a specific focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders.  

A little bit about my background, before starting a PhD program, I worked at the Developmental Services Center in Champaign, Illinois.  While at DSC, I chaired the sexuality resource committee and received training in sexuality education for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities from the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts.  For six years, I provided individual sexuality education, trained sexuality educators, and consulted on the special needs of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities in regards to sexuality.  I have also worked as a liaison with the Office of Inspector General and Rape Crisis Services to identify, report, investigate, and prevent  abuse and neglect.

As part of my PhD my research has examined how to best train instructors to teach sexuality topics.  I also have taught human sexuality classes at The Autism Program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and with other community agencies.

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Other Contributors:

Majd Subih

Majd is a PhD student in education at the University of Delaware, specializing in sociocultural and community-based approaches. She is originally from Jordan and completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Jordan in Modern Languages, Spanish and English, focusing on literature and language learning/teaching.  She also received two master’s degrees from Villanova University, a masters of arts in Hispanic Studies, and a master’s of education in Teacher Leadership.

Sarah Durante

Sarah is an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware, majoring in neuroscience on a pre-med track and minoring in linguistics.  In addition, Sarah is a member of the University of Delaware Color Guard, the American Sign Language cub, and Making Doctors. In her professional career, Sarah hopes to go on to medical school and become a pediatric neurologist. She plans on furthering her research of intellectual disabilities, and to help children and their families.

Kaitlyn Myers

Kaitlyn is an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware, majoring in psychology and minoring in neuroscience and disability studies. At the University of Delaware, she is in the honors program and is an Access: Abilities Scholar, allowing her to explore disability in her field of interest through her college career. Kaitlyn hopes to continue to do research with individuals with disabilities in her future endeavors.