Social Narrative for Initiating Social Interactions

This is a social narrative in comic strip form.  It supports initiating social interactions.  One strip is for people you don’t know at all and the other strip is for people you know a little.  I would use this in combination with role playing (can you tell I like role playing?).  Over initiating and under initiating can both be a problem.  This is geared more towards encouraging initiation, but it could be used to help establish boundaries too. The YAI relationship videos also cover some of this information. Click here to get as a pdf: How do I even start


Ways to Say No

I developed this to be used in conjunction with the YAI relationship series, but you could definitely use it independently.  I would use this to supplement role playing and practice using each of the saying no strategies.  You can click here to get it as a pdf:

Ways to say no.

Supplement to Boys/Girls/Both Activity

boys, girls, bothIf you attended the workshop you might remember an activity we did called “Boys/Girls/Both.”  This activity was adapted from the F.L.A.S.H. curriculum.  Basically, you give students 3 signs: one that says “boys”, one that says “girls”, and one that says “both.”  You also hand out sheets of paper with different changes that happen during puberty (each sheet has its own item on it).  You then instruct students to decide if the change happens to boys, girls, or both.  I have created a visual support so instead of just having words you can also use pictures.  Click here to get a pdf of the support:

Boys, Girls, Both pictures.