Let’s Talk About Ability and Sexuality


This video was filmed at the Healthy Relationships and Sexuality Conference in California 2010. What’s special about this conference is that it was organized by people with disabilities (and their allies) for people with disabilities.

I’ve highlighted some of my favorite quotes from the video. My main point in posting it, is not so much that you watch it and learn a bunch of facts, but rather use as an example of a teaching tool. Creating a video like this is a wonderful learning experience and helps give purpose and permanence to the expression of ideas.

“Sexuality needs to be part of the service planning process” – “It’s not the people with disabilities who are uncomfortable but the staff who are helping support them” – ” “The definition of support needs to change as the person changes” – “A person with a disability can always find love” – “Disability does not define me. The way I think about other people and the way I treat other people: that’s what defines me” – “Maybe people will eventually become more open to us” – “If you get asked a frank question, give a frank answer”

The Specials

I had a great time in Rockford at The Birds and the Bees workshop.  I always feel like I learn so much each time I do a workshop.  I got to meet a lot of interesting folks and I hope people walked away with a few things to think about.  One thing that people asked for was some video showing what education might actually look like.  I haven’t been able to find a great video yet, but I did find a web series that is really interesting called “The Specials”.  It is made in the UK and follows five young adults as they transition out of school and into a group home.  It is really interesting and touches on topics of sexuality.  Worth checking out.  http://www.the-specials.com/episodes 

Unfortunately- the website just has excerpts from the show and the DVDs aren’t available for purchase yet in the US.  The excerpts are rather long and sometimes the full ones pop up on You Tube so keep an eye out.