Abortion Resources

Before getting an abortion, it is important to learn about possible procedures and find an organization that will safely terminate the pregnancy. Here are some resources for learning about abortions and finding safe abortion clinics:

All-Options promotes judgement-free support for people trying to decide between abortion, adoption, or becoming a parent. They provide resources for each option and have a talkline for people who have more questions.

The International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion shares information on abortion methods, abortion hotlines in many different countries, and how to fund an abortion.

Planned Parenthood offers services in abortion referrals, medical abortions, and post-abortion exams. Their website has an Abortion Services Locator to help people find abortion clinics in their area.

We Testify is a great source for learning about abortions. They explain different procedures and the risks that come with each, how to find a clinic, and how to pay for an abortion. They also include tips on navigating parental notification and consent laws.

The National Partnership for Women and Families together with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network has developed an informational resource for abortion care for people with disabilities. To learn more about how people with disabilities feel about abortion, there is a new poll that asks this very question.