The Birds and the Bees Workshop

I am available to facilitate workshops.  My workshop is designed to help educators (of any profession: teachers, social workers, school staff, adult service providers, parents) feel more comfortable in teaching sexuality to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  It is most appropriate for those interested in teaching middle school through adulthood.  Contact me at for more information.  The workshop will

  • introduce comprehensive sexuality education including topics especially important when teaching individuals with special needs
  • help instructors feel comfortable talking and teaching about sexuality
  • provide practical information, resources and materials

The style of the workshop is interactive and experiential.  Participants should come prepared to discuss and challenge their own ideas about sexuality education as well as give feedback to the group from their own experience as an educator.  Additionally, there is time to brainstorm solutions for teaching challenging sexuality topics and answering difficult questions.  This workshop is a good introduction for sexuality educators of all levels.  Here is the typical agenda (times and topics may vary).


 9:30-10:00 Introduction

  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Goals
  • Rights and Responsibilities

10:00-10:10  Break

10:10-11:00  Comprehensive Sexuality Education

  • Definitions
  • Values

11:00 – 11:10 Break

11:10-12:00  Puberty

  • Introduction
  • Visualization
  • Developmental Tasks & Physical Changes
  • Boys/Girls/Both

12:00-12:30  Questions

12:30-1:00  Lunch

1:00-1:50  Relationships

  • Introduction
  • When people have power they…
  • More Power/Less Power
  • What should I do?
  • Healthy Relationships

1:50-2:00  Break

2:00-3:30  Answering Difficult Questions & Behavior Change

  • Behavior change
  • Answering Difficult Questions
  • Final Thoughts

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