Music- A Different Way to Teach Sex Ed

Songs for Your Body is a curriculum comprised of, you guessed it, songs.   They cover hygiene, abuse, masturbation, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and sexual health.  You can preview the songs on their website- I liked the masturbation songs.  In general, they’re a little hokey but I think it’s a good example of thinking outside the box.  The CD is $15.41 including shipping and handling and comes with a booklet of lyrics and activities.

2 thoughts on “Music- A Different Way to Teach Sex Ed

  1. Do you have any resources on Sexual Decision Making that you have found useful? I have found some information on the web, but not very good information. Thanks for all the work you do!!!

  2. Hi! Do you want information about decision making in general or is there a specific area (like deciding to use a condom or have sex with a specific partner)? Just some general things I like to use- pro/con lists, comic strips with thought bubbles (to help brain storm consequences), two sided story, role plays, and social narratives- but these I usually use tailored around something specific. If you’re thinking about something like that, I’d be happy to help you tailor something- it might be better via email.

    If you’re looking for a more general instructional tool- the YAI relationship videos do a nice job of touching on a lot of decision making topics. They’re more suited for adults. Also, Planned Parenthood’s curriculum of adults with developmental disabilities has a lot of sexual decision making components. Both of these are things you would have to pay for. Has some free lesson plans- you may have already found these & I think they would need some adaptation.

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