8 Week Middle School Human Sexuality Curriculum

Over the summer, I did a 8 week sexuality class with middle school students with autism (3 boys and 3 girls).  I’ve posted each lesson from the curriculum, but I thought I’d link all the posts together so you could get to them in one place.  For each session there is a lesson plan, parent letter, and power point slides.  Some lessons also have worksheets.  I’ve also commented about how the lessons went and some ideas for adaptation.  Click on the links below to go to the posts and access the materials.

Human Sexuality 101 topic

*We sent home a workbook with follow up/supplemental material during this lesson.  The workbook is available on the post.

2 thoughts on “8 Week Middle School Human Sexuality Curriculum

  1. In 2010 i rec’d a PhD, presenting a dissertation on Atypical Sexual Behaviors and Intervention for the lower functioning male population with ASD. It has been very well received and used in high maintenance group homes here in California. The study results indicated teachers, parents, workers and professionals would welcome and intervention program to help them address the socio-sexual behaviors of sever and profound clients. I would like to speak with ou about your program.

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